Pine Dell Horse Farm

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The Pine Dell Ponies Birthday Party!

  Includes 2 ponies for a 1 and a half to 2 hour visit!  Ginger and Pippa are  the sweetest ponies and  perfect for kids to brush on, lead around, and play with! We bring brushes, bows, and a special token for each child!

  The Pine Dell Ponies arrive in their own special Pony Van and  are equipped to be in most indoor areas, wear protective footwear can travel in elevators, 

are well trained and insured.    $200                                                                                                                                                          Contact Us Here to Schedule a Visit!



Health Care Centers & Special Services 

In a typical visit, our specially trained ponies are led from room to room and residents are able to interact with them, pet and cuddle, take pictures and share pony and horse stories of their own!

The ponies are equipped to be in most indoor areas,  wear protective footwear and can travel in elevators, are well trained and insured.

Fancy Visits Centers Health Care

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Girl Scouts Pony Play

Come out to the farm and play with the ponies! We offer 2 hours of farm fun and ponies to play with. The fun starts with a wild farm tour on an old school bus, roping lessons from a real cowboy, leading and learning about ponies and most of all: brushing, petting, and playing with the ponies!

2 hours - 6 girls min -10 girls max

$30 per girl

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